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    Sunflux are specialists in LED lighting, and handles sales and consultancy of professional LED solutions for commercial, public and private clients, with a focus on replacement bulbs. Our business is founded on a vision to make it possible for everyone to replace their existing light sources with a future-proof, energy-saving and environmentally friendly light source without compromising on quality or comfort of the light. The way to achieve this goal is through to be the best and cheapest supplier of Hi. Power LED bulbs, replacing existing light bulbs, as well as being a loyal and reliable partner who, together with the customer to find the best solution, both technically and commercially.


    Sunflux has a wide product range of LED lamps and accessories for virtually any purpose. To ensure that customers receive the best products, we require our suppliers to use only the best quality LEDs in their products. We have the most advanced equipment for photometric measurements that exist in the market, so our customers are assured that they always get sources of high quality.


    Our products comply with the RoHS directive, which means that the products are free of lead, mercury and other heavy metals. In order to minimize the company’s environmental impact, we have declared aim to recycle as much as possible the packaging and only use LED lights in our office and warehouse.

    Through work together with our suppliers, we constantly try to develop products with the best possible environmental profile.

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